Trivia question: What is the loudest insect on earth?
Answer: The cicada.

2004 was memorable for the emergence of a periodic brood of cicadas that comes above-ground only once every 17 years. Who could forget the shrill, high-pitched din of ‘Brood X’, not to mention the streets littered with their carcasses in the aftermath (and some dogs just loved eating these, uh, tasty things).

This year another 17-year-cycle brood of cicadas will be taking to the air in and around Kentuckiana. ‘Brood IV’ will be emerging beginning in late April and continuing its noisy cycle through early June of 2008. This emergence will actually be greater than that of 2004, and in fact will likely be the largest since 1991.

Tender young trees and shrubs can be seriously damaged by cicadas, and the Jefferson County Extension Service is hosting several workshops so homeowners can learn how to prevent or minimize the costly damage cicadas can cause on your property. If you’re concerned, plan on attending one of these workshops, or simply digest the informative cicada page at the UK Entomology site.

  • March 25 7:00pm Louisville Nature Center
  • April 9 7:00pm Highlands/Shelby Park Branch Library
  • April 17 2:00pm Crescent Hill Branch Library
  • April 17 7:00pm Highlands/Shelby Park Branch
  • April 23 7:00pm Old Louisville Information Center
  • April 24 7:00pm Crescent Hill Branch
  • May 7 7:00pm Crescent Hill Branch
  • May 8 2:00pm Crescent Hill Branch
Brad Yost is a producer for WFPL News and Louisville Public Media.