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Visitors to Louisville’s City Hall can now use the building’s front door. The 6th Street entrance has been re-opened, and one city lawmaker says it’s an important symbol for the city.

The main entrance at the top of the stairs has been closed for nearly a decade due to security concerns. In that time, the molding and paint started to deteriorate.

Council President Tom Owen led the efforts to renovate and re-open what he calls the people’s entrance.

“I think it is an important statement that this building is for the people and open to the people and that you can come into it in the front door,” he says.

Owen says the new entrance will convey a more positive message to citizens…who previously had to enter the building through the lower level and take elevators to the council chambers or offices. Those entrances are still available for disabled visitors.

The renovations cost 30 thousand dollars and were paid for with money leftover from previous council budgets.