The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness is hosting an overdose prevention training session Monday evening.

The training takes about 20 minutes and can provide skills needed to save a person’s life in the case of a drug overdose.

Emergency Service crews in Louisville respond to an average of about 20 overdose calls every day, but late last week were called out to more than 50 such cases within 32 hours.

There were 695 overdose cases through the first month of 2017 — a 33 percent increase from last year.

A surge in fentanyl-laced heroin is credited with many drug overdose cases.

No appointments are necessary for Monday’s training, and participants will be given and shown how to use a free Naloxone kit. Naloxone is considered an overdose antidote. The training will begin at 11 a.m. at 400 East Gray Street.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.