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Louisville Metro Government could cancel its contract with Insight Communications tonight at midnight, but customers won’t likely notice a change.

Insight’s contract expired last year, and the company has been going back and forth with the mayor’s office all year over a renewal. The city wants Insight to continue providing free cable to government buildings and schools, to keep giving free cable boxes to disabled and elderly customers and to keep the Insight call center in Louisville.

Last month, the mayor said unless Insight agreed, the city would end its contract and seek a new cable provider. Insight says the threat indicates a misinterpretation of federal law, and there are many more steps that have to be taken before the contract can be thrown out.

But if the contract ends, Insight will still be allowed to operate until a new provider is found. Plus, company officials have promised not to disrupt service.

Time Warner Cable is buying Insight, and the company has asked the city to renew the previous contract for six months after the sale closes so new executives can negotiate the contract.