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After considering several sites in the Midwest and Southest, a Louisville-based company that makes air filters will consolidate its operations across the Ohio River in Jeffersonville.

In addition to its front office, Clarcor, Incorporated currently has a plant and distribution center in Louisville Metro, plus another factory in New Albany.

All of those operations, including several hundred jobs, will be united at a new facility under construction at Jeffersonville’s River Ridge Commerce Center.

Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan says he’s glad the company decided to stay in the region.

“Doug England, the mayor of New Albany, gave up some jobs. (Louisville) Mayor Abramson gave up some jobs. We got ’em. But the people get to stay in their own houses and just travel a little farther to come to work. It’s a win-win for the area, not just for Jeffersonville, but for the whole area,” Galligan said during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site.

Clarcor officials say total employment at the new facility could climb to about 450 by the year 2010. Its air filter brands include Purolator, Airguard and ATI.


Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."