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Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden is taking an administrative leave of absence, a day after being arrested on federal charges stemming from his alleged relationship with a prostitute.

Defense attorney Larry Wilder said Wednesday that going on paid leave was  Rodden’s decision and it takes effect immediately, according to the Associated Press.

The announcement comes the day after a federal indictment was unsealed. Rodden is accused of lying to FBI agents and advising the prostitute to destroy a badge and uniform, which could be used as evidence against him.

Authorities alleged Rodden provided the materials to the woman so she could get hotel discounts.

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Rodden has pleaded not guilty.

Matt Koesters, a reporter covering the case for the News & Tribune, tells WFPL that Rodden’s indictment has shocked Clark County residents. 

“Sheriff Rodden has a good reputation in the community among most people. A lot of people that work in Clark County government have known him for a long time. He was a longstanding member of the Jeffersonville Police Department force, so a lot of people know him in his capacity as a police officer. He’s been the sheriff for seven years, and he’s probably one of the most well-respected members of the Clark County Democratic Party.”

Rodden’s chief deputy will head the agency while he’s on leave.