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From Chuck Mraz, Kentucky Public Radio

With the search for further victims officially over, the cleanup of tornado-ravaged downtown West Liberty is now fully underway.

Drexel Patrick is the chief of the Route 519 volunteer fire department in Morgan County. Patrick and his group mobilized quickly after the storm hit. Patrick says the massive amounts of debris downtown makes it look like West Liberty was bombed. The severe weather is blamed for seven deaths in Morgan County.

“They’re beginning to start to clean up a little now. I know I heard this morning, last night they had got Main Street cleaned off so you can get through it. It’s just hard to believe what’s up there,” he said.

Patrick says he’s never seen anything like it. He says crews are working to get power restored as quickly as possible in the West Liberty area. Many of those who lost their homes to the tornado are being sheltered at Morgan Central Elementary School.

(Photo courtesy of Kentucky National Guard)

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