Local News

Democrats are pulling out all the stops in the race for Mitch McConnell’s long-held Senate seat.  Senator Hillary Clinton attended two rallies in Kentucky on challenger Bruce Lunsford’s behalf, in Hazard and in Louisville.  At the United Auto Workers union headquarters in Louisville, Clinton emphasized the Bush administration’s and McConnell’s records on the economy, especially job creation.

“I’ve listened to the Republicans.  I’ve watched them on TV. I don’t think they’ve got the right slogan.  I believe that the right slogan is jobs, baby, jobs.  That’s what we need in Kentucky and America,” Clinton said.

Clinton was referring to a Republican chant to “Drill, baby, drill,” urging lawmakers to tap off-shore oil resources.  Several other Kentucky Democratic luminaries addressed the crowd of hundreds.  They included past governors as well as current governor Steve Beshear and top members of his administration.  The latest Courier-Journal poll puts McConnell ahead by 5 percentage points, with a 3 and a half percent margin of error.