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Former President Bill Clinton is returning to Kentucky Monday evening to rally support for Democratic U-S Senate candidate Jack Conway.

Clinton is expected to be in Louisville on election eve, and Conway welcomes his return.

“I think the voters of Kentucky will remember they voted for him twice and that when he left office, he didn’t leave deficits. He left surpluses. He left an economy that had created 22-million jobs and he was a very good fiscal steward. And I think it would be great to remind the voters of Kentucky of that on the day before this most important election.”

Two weeks ago, Clinton helped draw a large crowd to a Conway rally on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. Conway goes head-to-head with Republican U-S Senate nominee Rand Paul in Tuesday’s election. In recent days, Paul has increased his lead over Conway in several polls. The men are vying for the seat currently held by Republican U-S Sen. Jim Bunning.