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In less than two weeks, Kentuckian Gregory Wilson will be put to death for the rape and murder of Covington resident Deborah Pooley. An anti-death penalty group says Wilson’s execution should be delayed for several reasons.

Wilson represented himself in his murder trial. He was deemed to have waived his right to an attorney. Recently, his public defenders filed a request to halt the execution, arguing that more DNA evidence is required and that Wilson is mentally retarded.

A Kenton County Circuit Court judge denied the request. Director of the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Reverend Pat Delahanty says the 1988 trial and appeals processes have not been fair.

“There are school records that show that this man has an IQ of 62,” he says. “At least, had an IQ of 62 when he was in the 7th grade and was 14-years-old, which is below the 18-year-old standard for claims of mental retardation.”

Governor Steve Beshear signed Wilson’s death warrant last month, saying he found no extenuating circumstances or reasons to stop the execution, which is set for September 16.   Delahanty says the coalition will hold vigils for Wilson.