Race Unwrapped

In America, we like to think we’re always talking about race. Like the conversation is happening everywhere, all the time. But race is embedded in society in ways we don’t even think about — just like fish don’t see the water they’re swimming in.

In a new podcast, “Race Unwrapped,” host Michelle Tyrene Johnson tackles different ways to unwrap and unpack race and identity.

cspivey | wfpl.org

Even though I’m a Black woman, Kansas born, Kentucky based, there’s still plenty for me to learn about race,” Tyrene Johnson says.

“About my own identity. About the race and identity and culture of others.”

Season one launches Monday, November 2, with a series of 20-minute interviews speaking to and about Black women and other women of color in Louisville. Often when people talk about race issues, the conversation centers around men. When gender equality comes up, the focus is on white women. This season turns intentionally toward the intersection of race and gender.

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Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.