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An ad hoc committee of the University of Louisville’s Board of Trustees will meet today (Monday) to discuss extending President James Ramsey’s contract.

The board has asked Ramsey to stay at U of L after his contract expires in 2012. Ramsey says he’s willing to stay for one additional year, but the board may want to add two or more years to the contract.

“To this point, President Ramsey has said he’s only interested in extending his contract to 2013, which would add a year to his current contract,” says U of L spokesperson Mark Hebert.

Hebert says the committee will discuss how long to extend the contract, but not how much money to offer Ramsey.

“President Ramsey has told me that he does not plan to ask for any sort of raise or any kind of added compensation if he does stay for the one extra year that he says he’s willing to agree to,” he says.

The committee’s recommendation will go to the full board at its meeting next month.