Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

Life goes on at the Louisville Zoo, though director John Walczak says the loss of three-year-old elephant Scotty has been hard on employees there. Scotty was euthanized last night after a week-long gastrointestinal illness.

Walczak says Scotty was beloved by the community and by his keepers, and his loss has been difficult to deal with.

“It’s a very sad time,” says Walczak. “They’re professionals, but this is a devastating setback, but they’re all in there right now, doing their jobs, and doing it very professionally, but it’s been very hard. We’re concerned and we’re taking care of each other to get through this.”

Walczak says they’re setting up a memorial outside the zoo’s offices where people can leave notes and drawings of Scotty. They’re also accepting donations that will be given to elephant conservation, and they’ve put a memorial on the zoo’s Facebook page.