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Legislation expanding the legal definition of where handguns may be stored in vehicles in Kentucky has cleared a Senate committee.

Currently, Kentuckians without concealed carry permits may keep a firearm in their vehicle, but only if it’s stored in the glove box. Representative Will Coursey’s bill expands the definition to include consoles, enclosed compartments and storage areas originally installed by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

“That’s where I like to keep mine, in the side pocket of the door,” says Senator Robin Webb of Grayson “So, I’ll be fine doing that now. No question. Well, thank you Rep. Coursey for bringing this.”

“That’s the intention of this legislation,” says Coursey. “It just allows the law abiding citizen that wishes to exercise his Second Amendment rights to adhere to the laws of the commonwealth,” he says.

The bill, which already has House approval, is expected to meet little resistance on the Senate floor.