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A conference at the University of Louisville this weekend focuses on one of Africa’s principal philosophers. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more.

Kwasi Wiredu is a 67-year old philosopher from Ghana who is speaking at the conference along with other philosophers. They will talk about Wiredu’s ideas, which developed from his experiences as an African.

U of L philosophy professor D.A. Masolo organized the conference on Wiredu.

“He is one person whose reflections and work are becoming the centerpiece of a lot of philosophical discussions among African philosophers as well as philosophers in the West as a whole,”Masolo says.

Masolo says attendees are coming from universities throughout the country as well as Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

Wiredu, who now teaches at the University of South Florida, has infused African perspectives into philosophical debates worldwide.

Masolo says Wiredu’s ideas about knowledge and morality come from much of Africa’s community-based culture.

“Moral experience is not based on some innate ability to understand moral principals, but they are shaped by our communal living and our relations with others,” he says. “Wiredu espouses the view that could easily be called a communitarian perspective.”

This is the second U of L conference to focus on African philosophy. The last one was in 1998.