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Talks have broken down over new Congressional redistricting lines, Kentucky lawmakers say.

A conference committee tasked with reach a compromise on new federal districts had no discussions over the weekend or today. And House Speaker Greg Stumbo says both the House and Senate are blaming each other for the lack of progress.

“Well if you asked me, I’d say it’s because of the Senate,” says Stumbo. “And if you asked somebody in the Senate they’d say it’s cause of the House. The House has presented a major concession to the Senate. The Senate has yet to return that favor. And their idea of a major concession was a county or two.”

With no deal on the table, Stumbo says the filing deadline for Congressional candidates will need to be moved.

“I think we’re probably to the point that even if we could get it done in the next two to three days that the filing deadline would have to be pushed back,” he says.

Stumbo says legislative and judicial candidates will not have their filing deadlines moved back, since their districts have already been drawn.