Congressman John Yarmuth dropped in today for an hour-long WFPL News SpecialGabe Bullard hosted, and Congressman Yarmuth addressed listener comments and questions on a variety of topics including the debt ceiling negotiations, unemployment, the recent report from the Congressional Budget Office, President Obama’s performance, the JCPS student assignment plan, and more.

The program will air again tonight (Aug. 24) at 9pm on WFPL, or listen in below right now.


  • On the University of Louisville/CHI hospital merger:  “I completely reject the notion that you can hide behind any private entity and say that there are not public dollars and not a public interest involved in this merger.  There are clearly public dollars at many different levels – federal, state, and local levels involved in supporting University Hospital, the University of Louisville, the University Med School […] we cannot allow anything to happen that discriminates on the basis of religion.”
  • On President Obama and TARP:  “It didn’t fail, it actually did what it was supposed to do.  Without it there’d be, most economists agree, about 3 percentage points more in unemployment rate, but he (Obama) needs to believe in his plan and he needs to get out and sell it forcefully, […] he needs to contrast it with the proposals that are coming from the other side politically – basically cut taxes and get out of the way – and that hasn’t worked.”
  • On the rise of the Tea Party:  “They raise important issues, I don’t want to deny that.  But they raise more philosophical issues.  Like, we’re debating education funding for instance, and we’ll say “we think we ought to be spending this much and doing it this way,” and they say they don’t think the federal government should be involved in education.  As a matter of fact, people like Senator Paul have suggested that we ought to eliminate the Department of Education.  There’s no negotiating room there.”
Brad Yost is a producer for WFPL News and Louisville Public Media.