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A resolution urging the U.S. Congress to call a constitutional convention to consider a balanced budget amendment has passed the Kentucky Senate.

Senator Rand Paul was in Frankfort Tuesday promoting the bill.

“If we continue upon this path of spending, within a decade, the entire budget will be consumed by entitlements and interest. That means no money for roads,” he says. “No money for education. No money for national defense. Entitlements and interest will consume the entire budget if we do nothing. We are on a path to fiscal ruin.”

The measure cleared the Senate 22-16, with Republican Senator Julie Denton of Louisville joining the chamber’s 15 Democrats in opposition.

The measure has also drawn opposition outside of the legislature. Kentuckians for the Commonwealth member Shekina Lavalle says Paul and others are demanding budget cuts while ignoring any calls for changes in how the government collects revenue.

“We do have huge deficits that we need to deal with and we do have budgetary and fiscal responsibility issues, but I think that we need to focus on what we want our communities to look like and really figuring out ways to support that, rather than hacking away at things,” she says.

The resolution now moves to the Democratic-controlled House, where it has little chance of passage. More than 30 other states would have to pass similar resolutions for the proposed constitutional amendment to go further.

Tony McVeigh contributed to this report