State of Affairs

Last week Louisville said goodbye to Carl Wohlschlegel, former manager of the Vogue Theatre and a friend and regular guest of State of Affairs. We have reposted the old shows when Carl was a guest, so everyone remembering Carl can enjoy them again.

Julie Kredens writes: It was our pleasure to have Carl join us on State of Affairs for several movie-related shows. His well-considered opinions, dry wit and encyclopedic recall of titles, names, dates, reviews, etc… made for great conversation! It was also a personal joy for me to, at last, meet ‘that red-headed guy from the Vogue’ who seemed ever-present at that wonderful old theatre. Whether you were catching the Sunday matinee of “Casablanca”, or “Eraserhead” at the midnight movie – he was there. Such great memories.

Carl’s Appearances on State of Affairs:

Here is Carl’s obituary from the Courier-Journal.

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