Telling supporters it’s “time to fight back” the campaign for Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway criticized the “outrageous agenda” and prominent backers of his general election opponent.

Conway’s campaign is trying to raise $10,000 online by September 15 and are highlighting the big name conservatives who are headed to Kentucky to campaign for Republican challenger Todd P’Pool in the coming months.

Last week, P’Pool touted that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli would be headlining a fundraiser in September. Among GOP circles, Cuccinelli has gained national prominence for being the first attorney general to successfully challenge President Obama’s health care law in federal court last year.

In a message to supporters, Melissa Wideman, Conway’s campaign manager, called Cuccinelli “a Tea Party darling” and slammed him as  “one of the most extreme right-wing Tea Party politicians” in the country.

From the Conway campaign:

While in office, Jack Conway has fought to protect millions of dollars in assets for non-profit organizations in Kentucky. Meanwhile, Cuccinelli has argued government support for non-profits is unconstitutional.

Cuccinelli’s radical positions are not in line with Kentucky values. He believes that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional. Attorney General Conway has fought hard to protect these programs because he understands they help Kentuckians.