In the race for attorney general of Kentucky, Democratic incumbent Jack Conway released his first television ads Wednesday, highlighting cyber crime and fiscal responsibility.

The first 30-second spot entitled “Predators” features Conway speaking directly to voters about the cyber crimes unit in his office. It says the attorney general’s office has worked to take over 300,000 pornographic images of children off the Internet and launched nearly 200 new investigations.

“It’s tough to raise a family. You worry every time they leave the house. Now criminals can come right into your home. That’s why I created a cyber crimes unit to help keep Kentucky kids safe from predators,” says Conway.

Check it out:

The second commercial notes the attorney general’s cost cutting measures, including savings to taxpayers through fraud cases and a personal pay cut. It also calls out federal lawmakers over wasteful spending.

“Kentucky deserves an attorney general just as tough on the budget as he is on criminals,” the announcer says.

Conway is running for re-election against Republican Todd P’Pool, who began running advertisements in August and recently ran an attack ad last month.