Local News

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway is the winner of the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat up for grabs in November’s general election. Conway won with less than a one-point lead against opponent Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo in a race that was too close to call until late Tuesday night.  In his acceptance speech, Conway addressed all the national–and international–attention on the state’s Republican primary, in which Tea Party favorite Rand Paul was the victor.

“It’s my understanding that the eyes of the national media have descended on our beloved Commonwealth of Kentucky tonight. I’ve got news for them: both Jack Conway and Dan Mongiardo got more votes than Rand Paul tonight….”

Conway thanked his supporters and called Mongiardo a worthy opponent.  He used much of the rest of his time at the podium to criticize his rival in November and energize his campaign to be Kentucky’s first Democratic Senator in many years.

(Photo courtesy of Kentucky State Government)