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The future of the contentious Center City project in downtown Louisville is growing more uncertain. After the Metro Council postponed a vote Thursday to purchase land for the project, its developer, Cordish sent a letter to Mayor Abramson saying the inaction was unnecessary and other cities are waiting for projects similar to Center City.

The Council postponed the vote so a work group could negotiate a guaranteed minimum investment by Cordish. Abramson says Cordish has promised to make the investment, and additional contracts aren’t needed.

“We have tried to minimize risks,” he says. “We have tried to ensure that with the investment by Cordish on this deal they will bring to the table anywhere between 200 and 430 million dollars and create over 3,000 jobs both construction and permanent jobs and the council has turned their back on them.”

Abramson says the project isn’t dead, but it’s future lies with the council.