Local News

Louisville Metro Corrections Chief Mark Bolton is receiving 24-hour protection from police after receiving threats on his cell phone and finding damage done to his car. The police protection has been in place for about a month, and started shortly after Bolton fired two members of his command team.

Major Robert Dietz and Deputy Director Laura McHune were fired in May, when Bolton says they lied about the whereabouts of a co-worker who’d been charged with domestic violence. Bolton says he’s experienced tension in his job before, usually involving disputes between management and employees.

“Usually they’re not personal, they’re professional and things get resolved,” says Bolton, “here, I really feel things have taken on a personal twist.”

Police and the FBI are looking into texts sent between Dietz and McHune on city communication devices. County Attorney Mike O’Connell says they’re of a ‘concerning’ nature in regard to Bolton’s safety, but he stopped short of calling the former workers suspects in the case.

An attorney for the workers says the two never threatened Bolton.