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We reported on this issue in July. Hear the in-depth story and see a video about it here.

An ordinance that would withhold funding for a proposed Louisville Metro Police storage facility in South Louisville has failed to win approval by the Metro Council Public Safety Committee.

Metro Police were going to use the facility near the Cardinal Hill Reservoir to store explosives and unused ammunition, but plans were stalled after Councilman Doug Hawkins raised concerns about safety.

The Republican-backed ordinance failed Tuesday by a 2-2 vote along party lines. Democrat Mary Woolridge was absent.

Metro Police Major Rodney Milburn says Cardinal Hill is an ideal choice for the facility.

“The site that was selected seemed like a very equitable location,” says Milburn. “It offered security, it offered an area that is not open to the public generally. Sort of off the beaten path a little.”

Milburn also accuses Councilman Hawkins of exploiting the issue for political gain.

“I think that the issue’s come up more so to take advantage of getting a person’s name out than actual listening to the concerns or what the Police Department or other agencies of Metro Government have to say,” he says.

Hawkins, who’s running for the state Senate, denies Milburn’s claim.

The full council will take up the matter next week.