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The animated video signs that appear outside of some businesses in Louisville could soon be under increased regulation.

The signs are essentially large video screens used in place of billboards or other advertisements. Next week, the Metro Council’s Planning and Zoning Committee will discuss how the signs affect safety and whether they should be further regulated.

Jon Ackerson is the committee’s chair.

“We’ll get input from both those that are in favor of it, of video signage, and those that are opposed to it. And that’ll be the beginning of the discussion to see the will of the committee, and ultimately of the entire council, on this subject,” he says. “The ordinance might be amended to exclude video signage of any type. The ordinance might say video signage will only be allowed only under certain conditions or in certain areas of Metro Louisville.”

Ackerson says if the council decides further regulation is needed, it will likely require all new video signs to be approved by the metro zoning board or another regulatory body.