The Louisville Metro Council’s Government Accountability and Ethics committee will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) to review an internal audit of the council’s business practices.

The audit was ordered last year and does not look in-depth at how council members spent the $175,000 in neighborhood development and community infrastructure funds allocated to each district every year. The funds have been a contentious topic in recent weeks, as Councilwoman Judy Green faces ethics charges that she misappropriated city allocations.

Committee chair Tina Ward-Pugh says the audit focuses mainly on how each council member spent the money they receive for the day-to-day operations of their offices.

“So that included the $30,000 cost centers that each of us have, the payroll—which includes all of us—but it did not include NDF [neighborhood discretionary funds] or CIF [community infrastructure funds], but it did conclude that that be looked at in the future,” she says.

Ward-Pugh says like the neighborhood and community infrastructure grants, business expenses could likely be under tighter oversight. The committee will consider new regulations on the grants next month.