Local News Next Louisville

by Gabe Bullard

Louisville’s 6th District will have a new Metro Council representative this week.

Tuesday the council will interview the eleven qualified candidates who have filed to replace Councilman George Unseld, who died earlier this month.

The council will nominate and vote on a successor Wednesday. Majority caucus spokesperson Tony Hyatt says councilmembers will likely talk after the interviews and narrow down the list of candidates to two or three nominees.

“I think you’re going to see a lot of people who will be doing some discussion after Tuesday and by the time we get to Wednesday, those people who feel that this person or that person is the strongest candidate will be doing their efforts to try to get the rest of the caucus to go along,” he says.

The winning candidate must receive 13 votes. The council will vote until a successor is chosen. It’s expected the winner will be—like Unseld—a Democrat, and a minority caucus spokesperson says Republican council members will likely support a candidate who shares Unseld’s bipartisanship.