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Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson says it’s taking too long for Public Works crews to clean up debris from the September windstorm. The councilman wants the city to hire contractors to speed up the process, despite a tight city budget.

Once all the trees that were blocking roads were cleaned up, the Public Works Department set-up a city-wide grid for debris clean-up. Mayor’s Office spokesperson Kerri Richardson says officials were clear that it wouldn’t be done quickly.

“We’ve said since we started that storm debris collection, it’s going to take some time,” says Richardson.

The Mayor actually said the cleanup would take several months.

“I know that!” says Johnson, “and I don’t care! It’s taking entirely too long, this stuff here is turning brown, it’s probably starting to draw rats and things like that. I would like to have it picked up now.”

Johnson plans to introduce an emergency ordinance to Metro Council at its October 23rd meeting to make funds available to hire contractors to help city workers with the clean-up. Richardson says the mayor doesn’t consider that an option, given the tight city budget.