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Embattled Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green addressed the council last night. Earlier this month, the Metro Ethics Commission ruled that Green committed violations in her handling of funds for a summer jobs program.

Since then, five council members brought charges to begin the process of removing her from office.

Last night, the Metro Council held a joint caucus to read that position into the official record. Green was also allowed to address the council; she said though she may have made mistakes, they weren’t intentional.

“You all in here know Judy Green. You all know me. I’ve not asked you all for anything. Y’all know me. Now why would I wait five years to be on the council to become unethical? To become a criminal?” she said.

Reading the charges into the record starts the official clock for Green’s removal hearing. The five council members brought the charges against Green have thirty days to sign a statement saying they’re ready to proceed with the hearing.