Local News

The Kentucky Court of Appeals meets in Louisville tomorrow to hear oral arguments in a case involving Internet gambling sites. Attorneys representing 141 websites will argue the state has no jurisdiction over their domain names.

The Justice Cabinet has deemed the gambling websites illegal and demanded they forfeit their domain. Spokesperson Jennifer Brislin says these sites should be accountable to the state.

“This is illegal activity that’s clearly occurring in Kentucky,” says Brislin, “and we believe we should have the ability to step in and protect our citizens when this illegal activity happens within our borders.”

But John Pappas with Poker Players Alliance, part of the group appealing the case, says the sites don’t fall under the state’s jurisdiction.

“These are websites that are located overseas,” says Pappas, “operating and regulated in their own jurisdictions, does the state of Kentucky have the right to tell them to suspend their businesses?”

The three judge panel is not expected to issue an immediate decision.