Ted Cruz says he’s entirely focused on Indiana and what he calls his “head-to-head contest” with Donald Trump.

Cruz spent Monday traveling across the Hoosier State after he and John Kasich announced a coordinated plan to prevent Trump from getting the GOP nomination.

Cruz spent Monday throughout southern and central Indiana, his third consecutive day in the state. That comes as he shifts his resources to the Hoosier State and away from primaries in Oregon and New Mexico. John Kasich’s campaign did the reverse, seeking to blunt Donald Trump’s march to the nomination. Cruz wouldn’t say whether Kasich supporters in Indiana should vote for him, instead.

“Indiana is critically important,” Cruz says. “The fact that John Kasich has pulled out of Indiana gives us a straightforward, head-to-head contest between me and Donald Trump.”

Terry Smith attended Cruz’s event in Columbus. She says she planned to vote for Kasich but will now cast her ballot for the Texas senator.

“Something needs to be done to stop Donald Trump’s momentum,” Smith says.

The Trump campaign calls the Cruz-Kasich coordinated effort “un-democratic and un-American.”

Trump will make his second visit to the state Wednesday for a rally in Indianapolis with Indiana basketball legend Bobby Knight.