Curious Louisville

Is it art? Is it crime? A little bit of both? Whatever it is, it’s part of your morning commute.

“Every morning when I commute to work, no matter which way I go, I started to see more and more graffiti on the back of the signs,” Joe Sullivan reported. “I saw it and I thought, I hope they take that down, because if they don’t take it away, it’s just going to embolden people to do more. And it seems to have.”

Ryan Van Velzer

Joe Sullivan displays a picture of city-sanctioned public art – something he wishes graffiti artists did instead.

Joe said he sees the artistic talent on display in some graffiti. But he also thinks it’s distracting to drivers, and a bad look for the city.

“It sort of gives the impression that we’re not taking care of things,” he said.

So Joe asked Curious Louisville, who’s cleaning that up? WFPL’s Ryan Van Velzer set out to find out. And the answer takes us on a commute of our own, through both sides of the art/vandalism debate.

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