Curious Louisville

It’s almost time for another Curious Louisville voting round! We’re collecting questions now, and will put them up for a vote, to see which one we’ll answer next.

Not familiar with our Curious Louisville series? Here’s how it works: Listeners (that’s you!) submit questions. We (that’s us) create a voting round, where everyone can vote on which question they’d like us to answer in a radio story.

If your question is picked, and you’re the adventurous type, we may even bring you along with us while we look for the answer. And if your question isn’t picked, don’t despair — we often answer the runners up, just for fun. We’re pretty curious, too.

For inspiration, here are some questions we’ve recently tackled:

Type your question below, and we’ll let you know when to vote (or to campaign on your question’s behalf!). Can’t see the form? Click here!

Laura oversees WFPL's podcast strategy and produces Curious Louisville, where listeners submit questions and our reporters find out the answers.