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The James Graham Brown Cancer Center will begin using a new tool this week to treat certain cancer patients.

The Cyber Knife is a $6 million investment that targets tumors throughout the body with noninvasive radiation treatment. Nine treatments are scheduled this week and officials hope to treat over 300 annually.

“It’s very innovative. It uses a Kuka robot which is the robot that makes BMW cars,” said Christy Stone, the center’s Cyber Knife administrator.

Certain patients will be able to cut down the number of treatments they receive to five or less, shedding off weeks of treatment that conventional radiation therapy often takes.

“It is a faster treatment than the typical radiation treatments and it’s more accurate with less side effects,” said Stone.

Stone said aside from treating various cancers Cyber Knife can also treat trigeminal neuralgia.

The costs vary widely but could total thousands of dollars. 

The tool is used in several locations nationwide but the James Graham Brown Cancer Center is only the second in Kentucky to receive the machine.