Inching closer to a presidential bid, Republican Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he could beat President Barack Obama in a general election but insisted any decision to run is based on his family’s future.

“I think the chances would actually be quite good,” Daniels told WIBC in Indianapolis. “That’s really not a factor, I don’t want to overstate this.”

The two-term governor is considered a “heavyweight contender” for the GOP nomination among a fairly anemic field of candidates. He has promised to make an announcement in the coming weeks, but isn’t rushing.

The current Republican field for president is slowly developing, with high-profiled candidates such as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romeny getting into the contest later and later, bypassing early televised debates. On Monday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich indicated he will enter the 2012 race in a Wednesday announcement.

Daniels is the former budget director under President George W. Bush.