Deadlocked. That’s the continuing status of House and Senate negotiations on Kentucky’s Medicaid budget.

Proposals and counter-proposals are flying back and forth, but mutual agreement remains elusive. House Speaker Greg Stumbo fears a special session could be coming.

“I understand the Senate’s position and I appreciate it. I respect it. However, let me just speak for me. I’m not going to cut Floyd County’s budget and Floyd County’s children’s budget $400,000 without some evidence, simply on the belief that some people don’t think the governor can make these accomplished savings. I’m not going to take that chance,” he says.

The House prefers the governor’s plan for balancing Medicaid without budget cuts. The Senate believes across-the-board cuts to state agencies are necessary. At this point, with time running out on the session, neither side appears willing to bend. This is day 29 of the 30-day session.