Local News

A list of property owners who have not maintained or paid fines on their homes or lots in Louisville will soon be published in the newspaper.

A group of Metro Council members has compiled the list. They say the properties are eyesores and bring down home values. They hope to spur the property owners into action by printing their names in the newspaper.

The group is led by Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, who says even without going to print, the list has already been effective.

“I’ve had people call, I’ve had people come out and clean up their property and I’ve talked to Mr. Mims over at IPL (Inspections, Permits and Licenses) and he said he’s had a lot of people calling him saying they want to work out something where they don’t have their names listed in the paper,” she says.

Shanklin says the county attorney’s office is doing a final check of the legality of publishing the names and the list could appear in the Courier-Journal in the next week or so. Many of the delinquent property owners, she says, are large, out-of-state banks.