The loser in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Kentucky governor remains intent on battling the overwhelming winner in court.

Jack Conway, the current attorney general, received almost 80 percent of the vote. His opponent Geoff Young, has maintained throughout the campaign that Conway and a few high ranking democrats rigged the election.

“They’ve done this before,” said Young. “This is not that a small, a very small group at the top of the Democratic Party has tried to dictate to all democrats in Kentucky how things are gonna be.”

Young says he realizes a prolonged civil suit could impact the fall campaign.

“It could certainly harm Jack Conway’s chances,” Young said. “That’s correct. He created this situation. He and the governor got themselves into this legal mess.”

Young has filed two separate civil suits seeking to disqualify Conway. He is also seeking $16 million in punitive damages. In addition, the retired state engineer said he’s contacted the FBI and has written U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch about his concerns.