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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is in Frankfort to gather support for a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. Paul found support from some conservative state lawmakers, but others were on hand in opposition to the Senator remarks.

Among them was Kentuckians for the Commonwealth member Shekina Lavalle. She agrees that the deficit is a problem, but says Paul’s rhetoric on the topic is too strident.

“I heard ‘runaway freight train’ and these words that expressed that we’re out of control and we can’t reign things in—these really scary metaphors of where America’s headed,” she says. “I think America’s really resilient and I would like to hear my elected officials talk about the resiliency of the United States.”

Lavalle says her organization supports changing revenues through tax reform before drastic budget cuts. A state Senate committee has approved a resolution asking the U.S. Congress to call a constitutional convention to consider the balanced budget amendment. The full Senate will vote on the issue later today. More than 30 other states would need to approve similar action for the amendment to go forward.