The Marian Group is the development partner of the nearly 12-acre Urban Government Center in the Paristown Pointe neighborhood.

Paristown Pointe is near other neighborhoods undergoing major economic development changes, including the Original Highlands, Shelby Park, Germantown and Smoketown. It’s on the brink of its own major change, with the recent announcement of a $28 million arts and cultural hub at the intersection of Barret Avenue and Broadway.

The development is expected to include townhouses, rentals and office space. It is also slated to include affordable housing and housing for seniors.

During a public input process last year, residents of Paristown and nearby neighborhoods expressed the importance of green space, community gathering spaces and a community garden. The community engagement process for the site began after mold and decay were found at the center, prompting Metro government to vacate the site.

Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith represents the area.

“I am especially impressed with the attention paid and the results delivered to build affordable housing,” she said in a press release.  

The Marian Group was founded in 1997 and is based in Louisville.