Metro Louisville

Brandon Coan, the Democrat who represents Louisville’s eighth district, announced Wednesday he will retire from the Metro Council at the end of his first term, which goes through 2020. He cited career, health and family obligations as deciding factors in his departure.

Coan said he entered office with a four-year plan, and feels he is “on track” to accomplish his goals. In addition to the part-time council position, Coan is a lawyer and the founder of the consulting firm Local Interest.

He took office in 2016 following a crowded Democratic primary race. He said he expects a similar level of interest for the next election.

“It’s a really engaged part of the city and I expect there will be equally as many if not more candidates, this time as there were last time,” he said.

Over the course of his term, Coan has represented the Highlands through a number of local disputes, including the controversy surrounding the monument to John Breckinridge Castleman near Cherokee Park and a series of failed plans for historic vacant buildings on Bardstown Road. He also led the district through the installation and subsequent exit of Google Fiber lines, and recently organized efforts to improve the state of the neighborhood’s main commercial corridor.

Coan also played a role in a participatory budgeting pilot program, the Tyler Park makeover and a push to minimize police enforcement of marijuana possession charges. Earlier this year, County Attorney Mike O’Connell announced his office would not prosecute some minor possession cases.

“I have more than a year left, so I don’t plan on slowing down at all,” Coan said.

He said he doesn’t know yet how he will stay involved in the community following his term. Although he didn’t rule out running for office in the future, he did not indicate any specific plans.

Amina Elahi is WFPL's City Editor.