State of Affairs


Today on the show, we heard from listeners who felt they were treated differently after they lost a significant amount of weight. For some people, their friends and families were less than enthusiastic about their new, smaller selves. A caller said her family acted like she’d lost weight just to show them up (the rest of the family was overweight). Our guests, Dr. Michelle Hines and Dr. Bryant Stamford, agreed that sometimes, when one part of a family, social group, or couple loses weight, and the other people involved remain overweight, spending time with the person who lost weight can remind them of their own failure to do the same.

So we’d like to hear from you: Do you know someone who lost a significant amount of weight? Did it change the way you feel about that person, or the way you relate to each other? Are you at an ideal weight yourself, and do you think that makes a difference in how you respond to the weight loss of a friend, partner, or family member?

Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.