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It all started with a “driveway moment,” during an episode of This American Life on the theme of classified ads. In the introduction to Act 3, Ira Glass noted how often we see classified ads offering things, right next to classified ads of people looking for those very same things—a phenomenon he said was especially common in the musician section. “What if somebody were to play matchmaker for all of those people and do what all of us think when we see those ads?” the show wondered. And they embarked on a project: “to go through the classifieds and create a band, a band culled entirely from the classifieds, to play together for exactly one day, long enough to gather together in a recording studio to record their one and only song.”

Filmmaker Archie Borders was listening that day, and thought the idea would make a great premise for a movie. He joined WFPL's arts reporter Erin Keane on Friday's Byline to talk about the resulting film, called “Pleased to Meet Me.”

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