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Despite a new mayor and positive signs in the economy, budget woes are likely to dominate Louisville politics in the new year.

That’s according to University of Louisville political science professor Dr. Ron Vogel. While the city budget is in line with predictions so far, Vogel says a significant recovery won’t happen soon.

“I think we’re still looking at another year or two of hard times,” he says. “The problems of fiscal stress, the problems of whether or not we can create enough economic opportunity to provide everybody with jobs and a good standard of living.”

Vogel says Mayor-elect Fischer and the Metro Council should be realistic in thinking about how Louisville can attract new jobs. He says any major political shifts are unlikely to happen soon, since Fischer had decided to retain most of Abramson’s top staff.

“It is surprising that mayor would hold over so many of the previous administration’s,” he says. “Usually one of the chief ways you take control of a government is with the top cabinet appointments, so in that regard, it is interesting.”

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