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Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education is confident the commonwealth will receive a waiver from No Child Left Behind standards.

Terry Holliday has been in direct talks with federal officials, and he says a big announcement confirming the waiver is coming next week.

“We’re in great shape. We’ve been talking with the Department of Education,” Holliday tells KPR. “We’re about 100 percent confident we’ll be granted a waiver. It’ll be announced next week.”

Kentucky is among 11 states that filed last year for relief from federal regulations. There was some uncertainly about how the White House would handle the waivers, since states had to promise to adopt President Obama’s education initiatives. But Holliday says there is no doubt Kentucky will be in line with federal regulations and qualify for a waiver. 

The waivers are necessary, the White House says, because Congress has been slow in updating or reforming federal education laws.