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The Floyd’s Fork Environmental Association has recently taken a position against a proposal from 21st Century Parks to rename both Floyd’s Fork Park and William F. Miles Park.

21st Century Parks’ is creating a new public park system in the east end of Louisville that will incorporate both Floyd’s Fork and Miles Park into new, larger parks.

Mike Farmer is the co-president if the Floyd’s Fork Environmental Association. He supports 21st Century Parks, but says they shouldn’t have to change the names of public facilities.

“I’m all for the new park system, but you’re talking about two parks that are already well named; everyone knows them by Floyd’s Fork Park and Miles Park. 21st Century Parks has a lot of information, but none of it really makes sense or makes any rationale for the name changes,” he says.

Metro parks will hold a public hearing to discuss the renaming at the Floyd’s Fork Park Community Center at 6:00 pm on Thursday.