Residents living near the former Black Leaf Chemical site in Louisville’s Park Hill neighborhood may be able to get some answers about contamination near their homes at a community forum tomorrow.

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency released results of soil testing in the neighborhood. All fifty of the homes adjacent to the former Black Leaf Chemical site were contaminated—some with heavy metals, and some with traces of pesticides.

But there was still a lot of confusion for residents. The letters they received were highly technical, and there was little information about what practical implications the results could have. Representatives from the EPA and Metro Councilman David James will explain the results, as well as what the next steps are for residents. Previously, EPA regulators said there was a possibility some of the soil would be removed, but details on how the agency will remediate the area haven’t yet been released.

The meeting is tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. at Wheatley Elementary School.