Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency will be in Louisville tomorrow to discuss a former toxic Superfund site.

New environmental issues have arisen at the Lees Lane Landfill in West Louisville.

The landfill was closed in 1975. After 400 drums of hazardous materials were found on the site near the Ohio River several years later, Lees Lane was classified as a toxic Superfund site, and cleanup began.

The site was removed from the Superfund list in 1996, but problems still plague the area. There are concerns about methane built up in the landfill, groundwater and air contamination…and frequent trespassing.

Now, the EPA wants to commission another study on the environmental hazards at Lees Lane. They’ll present background on the site and a plan for going forward at the meeting.

The meeting is Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Farnsley Middle School.