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An effort by Governor Steve Beshear to expand preschool services in the commonwealth did not make it into the final state budget.

Beshear put a $15 million appropriation for preschool in his budget proposal. The House cut that figure in half and funded other education programs with what was left. The Senate struck all the money, saying it wouldn’t be right to expand some programs while slashing others.

And after days of budget talks, the Senate won the argument.

“We actually didn’t fund that and to be honest to you that was the recommendation, we left about half of it in the House budget, but even our subcommittee chair their recommendation were not to expand that program, were to not fund that program at this time,” says House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

Stumbo says there is a bright spot for education in the budget. Lawmakers agreed to set aside $100 million for future school construction.